Performance through Engagement

The Unipart Group is one of the largest private companies in our sector. We operate worldwide and have an annual turnover of around £1 billion.

We are one of Britain’s largest employee-owned companies, with the majority of shares being held by employees. But when the group formed, it was ideas rather than size that shaped our fortunes.

We Understand Your Needs Better Than Anyone Else

Privatising Unipart in 1987 set the agenda for a different kind of company. Since then we have become a model of operational excellence, providing logistics and consultancy services for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Our group philosophy is to understand your real and perceived needs better than anyone else and to serve you better than anyone else.

An Authentic Interest In Employee Wellbeing

On the day of our launch as a private company, all Unipart employees were invited to participate as shareholders. They were given an opportunity to shape and share in their own destinies.

We have an authentic interest in employee wellbeing, backed by many tangible actions such as the opening of the Unipart U, one of the first corporate universities in Europe. Here we offer employees the chance to learn continuously within the workplace.

A Culture Of Problem Solving Drives Excellence

While learning and personal development are at the heart of Unipart’s culture, it doesn’t stop with formal “training”.

Programmes such as Our Contribution Counts Circles train all employees in a simple, six stage approach to problem solving. This encourages and empowers them to seek out problems in the workplace and form teams to drive effective solutions.

We inspire employees to deliver outstanding customer service. For individuals and teams who demonstrate their commitment to “going the extra mile” for customers, the Mark In Action programme provides public recognition.

The Unipart Way

At the heart of our Group is The Unipart Way – our standard way of working that has been developed over more than 20 years. This proven method of generating high levels of employee engagement delivers a wide range of benefits for all our customers.

Underpinned by our operational excellence, Unipart people consistently strive to deliver better than expected results through their high levels of engagement.