Software Solutions

Right now we are at the forefront of the data security and device provisioning market.

In 2013 we entered into a strategic partnership with software solutions business Pervacio. As a result, we’ve implemented the Pervacio software suite in the UK & ROI and became one of first to market with a forensic data wipe solutions across mobile and tablet devices.

The software suite includes a number of solutions that can be used in store, online and within our own operation. Including pre-loading enterprise or marketing data before a device gets into the hands of an individual, fixing device problem before they arise, reducing the need for a physical repair.

We offer market leading solutions for Manufacturers and Networks, as well as new customers in the recycling and end-of-life market places, where data security is critical.


Data Wipe completely erases all data from any type of mobile device quickly and cleanly.

The only way to protect your company finances, brand, reputation and customers is to use an automated solution for software clear down that removes all data so that it cannot be recovered.

Data Wipe auto-identifies and wipes mobile devices clean within seconds

Data Wipe uses a simple uniform interface covering all makes, models and network operator versions of mobile devices. It creates a record of each transaction and details of each device processed, generating an auditable system of record for reference and reporting.

Data Wipe ensures all data is gone and provides a robust audit tool within your process to verify that a device has been safely and correctly processed.
It also saves you money as multiple devices are wiped at the same time, rather than one person manually wiping one device at a time.

In 2013 we performed 600,000 wipes that resulted in savings to our customers of over £650,000 vs the more traditional data wipe method.


Diagnostics and repair enables the user to perform device diagnostics remotely or on the spot to determine device configuration, component and settings issues or flaws.

The solution supports use in a variety of channels; by the end users in a retail outlet, over the phone using call centres, and a self-help consumer solution via the web or an app – whatever situation is used the system creates a record associated with the device that can be queried at a later date.

Should the device need to be sent to a repair centre, the information is readily available for the engineer to initially narrow the fault identification process, easily diagnosing and repairing the device.

Also because it’s hosted on-line it’s always up to date and ready to support the latest models on the market.

We help you empower your employees with ready-to-use smart devices

Bring your own device (BYOD) employees are demanding access to the millions of platform applications now available via smart devices, as a workplace standard.

Businesses are embracing smart devices (tablets and phones) as workplace tools. We can provide corporate/business devices with a bespoke profile so you can add content applications, contacts and corporate templates/videos and create a ready-to-use device for your employees. The full look and feel of personal platforms but locked down to company policies.

Our value added services also include the ability to customise your device portfolio; including:

  • Asset tagging
  • Secure data removal
  • Standard configuration and app loading
  • Software flashing
  • Laser etching
  • Bespoke packaging
  • Bundling of devices
  • Stock management of mobile assets
  • Waterproofing