Repair Avoidance

If a repair can be made before reaching one of our repair centres, it benefits both our customer and the end consumer.

If a repair can be made before reaching one of our repair centres, it benefits both our customer and the end consumer. That’s why we’ve developed a number of unique diagnostics systems.

We have developed intuitive tools, which diagnose faults and offers resolutions. Continuously updated by our technical experts, non-technical call centre agents can use it with ease to help customers, drive device usage, whilst enhancing the customer and brand experience.

Many times the consumer just needs a few hints and tips on usage and function for that extra piece of mind needed to avoid a repair.

Due to the complex nature of consumer electronics we have also identified the need to contact customers when we believe the device has no fault, only to learn of personal instances that occur. This reduces repeat returns and drives positivity for our clients brands.

Our software solutions and systems enable users to perform device diagnostics remotely or on the spot, allowing them to determine device configuration, component and settings issues or flaws without returning the device.

This solution can be accessed via a variety of channels including:

  • End users in a retail outlet
  • Over the phone using call centres
  • Self-help via the web or an app

Whatever channel is used the system creates a record associated with the device that can be queried at a later date.

If the device needs to be sent to a repair centre, the information is readily available for the engineer. This makes fault identification, diagnosis and repair easier. Because it’s hosted online, it’s always up to date and ready to support the latest devices on the market.

Our call centres also utilise highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that diagnose faults and offers immediate resolutions.

Increasing the opportunity for a positive resolution without the need for technical support.

A number of our current customers use “Universe”, our bespoke web-based system for:

  • Repairs and returns avoidance
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Booking-in and customer tracking

Universe is a multi-channel application that can be customised with your brand. It provides a total and consistent interface between all channels. For example, your customer could book a repair online and then contact the call centre for a status update. Continuously updated, even non-technical call centre agents can use it with ease to help end user customers, drive phone usage and enhance the brand experience.

Why is Universe so effective?

Visual instructions are specific to the customer’s device

  • Online tracking
  • Devices can be booked into the repair centre instantly
  • Web-chat facility connects end users directly with a technician
  • Technical input from manufacturers and current repair data provide the most comprehensive decision trees
  • Known faults database
  • Front-end customisation matches your branding requirements
  • Call centre, retail, and online modules are tailored to each area’s requirements
  • Accurate goods-in, pre-advice information aids the repair process
  • Prevents devices being handled through the repair centre
  • Ability to take payment from customers for chargeable services

Universe can be configured for three types of customer contact journey:

The call centre module – this has fewer questions, as the device is not present for inspection. It displays additional known device faults advised by the OEM and instructs advisors how to handle questions in order to obtain the correct resolution.

The retail module – is more based on the question structure for home-users, but with fewer graphics and videos. It can be expanded to include contract details in case there is an upgrade option available.

The web module – is an interactive solution that brings diagnostic and resolution tools directly into your customer’s house. The web-based tool offers an easy and highly graphical way to diagnose faults and resolve potential issues. Customers can also download the latest manufacturer’s software.