Reverse Logistics

We have developed market-leading solutions to respond to complex needs with over three decades experience.

We have over 30 years of advanced reverse logistics experience, managing whole life solutions for technology and retail clients.

Driving maximum value for our clients

Mobile and Media

With standout projects that include a world-leading reverse logistics management solution for a major mobile phone operator, we have developed market-leading solutions to respond to complex needs, including:

  • Creating capability in repair centres
  • Integrating courier solutions
  • Adding product recovery and replacement
  • Implementing end-to-end systems visibility


Our primary focus for retail returns is to drive maximum value for clients, including:

  • Preparing returned items to go back into stock
  • Selling items through secondary markets
  • Managing disposition routes
  • Asset recovery
  • Recycling

Working with major brands, including an ecommerce returns centre for one of the world’s leading fashion websites, we minimise the cost of returns processing through inline returns checking, repackaging and re-binning.

Our returns services are designed to recover the greatest value from obsolescent and returned items.

We match demand for the returned item with the most economical supply channel to generate maximum income from surplus stock.

Returned items are inspected and graded in terms of new, nearly new, or non-useable. Completely pristine returned items in undamaged packaging can be reallocated directly to saleable stock. Some products can be classed as pristine, despite minor packaging damage. We repackage them into clear bags, re-label and return to saleable stock.

We can also provide real time process information on returned items, generating valuable feedback to aid future decision-making.

Recycling is hugely important to our business, our customers and our partners.

Since 2008 we have recycled over 1.8 million items

We apply a robust approach to each potential end-of-life requirement. This approach is very much stakeholder focused and ensures all parties are fully engaged from day one, with necessary due diligence and adherence to legislation carried out.

We find the best disposal route for you, taking into account:

  • Maximising the value of the product
  • Protecting your current markets
  • Landfill avoidance
  • Data/Brand integrity
  • Legislation adherence
  • Disposal traceability

Recycling Services – Mobile Phones

The reuse and recycling of mobile handsets that are Beyond Economical Repair (BER) has become a crucial element within the mobile phone value chain.

Only through the environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of handsets (to ensure that toxic elements and metals are treated properly) can we ensure the health and stability of our environment for future generations.

We continue to recognise the benefits of a reuse/recycle service. In 2008 we gained the required accreditations to open a recycling centre for mobile phones and have since recycled over 1.8 million mobile phones and accessories.

Our approach to disposition is focused on environmental excellence and corporate responsibility, while maximising revenue recovery rates.

Our disposition processes can deliver substantial revenue returns.

We work with you to determine the best end-of life-process and disposition route for your products. Working with a number of partners and secondary markets, we can maximise yield and deliver a substantial revenue return.

We also have the experience in-house to launch and manage e-sales campaigns. Staff sales and online auction sites can deliver significant revenue recovery rates on products which would otherwise have been sold off in bulk to resellers or recyclers, generating a lower level of recovery.

In addition we have multiple partnerships with insurers and supply devices to enable them to enhance their offer to the consumer, devices include those that are;

  • refurbished to as new standards
  • end of line
  • pristine overstock