End of Life Asset Management

Recycling and End of Life Asset Management is hugely important to all our clients with technology products

As technology has advanced we have seen a growing need from our customers for a secure service to recover value and dispose of old and end of life devices; including mobile phones and portable IT equipment.

This has led UTL to develop a new service designed to give business clients a concern free end of life and value recovery service for Mobile handsets and IT equipment. We also provide a data wipe and disposal service to ensure security and compliance with relevant legislation.

UTL offers

  • Mobile phone and laptop take back schemes
  • Concern free end of life service; anything we touch will be forensically data wiped
  • Maximum value recovery on end of life or surplus items
  • Financial models to suit you; Benefit share on sale or upfront purchase
  • Device recycling within the WEEE regulations if no opportunity exists to recover value
  • Provision of all packing and collection as part of the service if required
  • Full reporting can be supplied

As we have one of the UK’s largest device repair centres we have the depth of knowledge and experience to assist our clients at all stages of the product life cycle. We have recycled many million devices over the last few years and sold £m’s of pounds worth of product to the benefit of our clients.

We will find the best routes to market for any product that all parties agree can be reused. For product that cannot be resold we will ensure recycling is carried out in line with the WEEE regulations employing green processes on all devices; no technology waste will ever go to landfill.

We operate a multi-channel disposition model that leverages on our vast amount of business partners and various consumer sales platforms to suit the product you no longer need; this will be agreed with you to ensure we protect any brand and market sensitivities.

All our processes are fully compliant with the WEEE directive; we have all the Environmental Approvals in place to deliver a concern free Recycling experience.

UTL Nuneaton Environmental Permit EPR/AB3034AC


UTL your first choice partner for Laptop and Mobile Phone Asset disposal